memoirs of the sick 

Along the hallways of a hospital for the living
reeks of death
Young and the elderly, strong and weak sit

All snared in vulnerability
some await for loved ones who are never showing
Cacophony and reverberations carry along

Sobs, yells and moans

Through corridors you hear them call
aching breaking voices groaning,

No prayer for redemption
As I passed by, they stare

With their dry pale eyes

To some I was the grim reaper,

Or the angel of death

There’s no option, but to take away the soul

From a rotting pathetic body
Untold stories to the grave

Lying on their beds
Open mouths and staring up
smelly mouth in death repose
Some do wander with dementia

With repeated words for forgiveness
To themselves as they focus
waiting for death, and nothing else


lovers in death


weeping,heart-sicken, mournful

with a desperate illness,

and all lonely again.

staring, or never

by the side of my pale faced lover.

half of my heart will be in heaven with you,

haunt me to see you a little more,

am dying because of you,

because your dead


Untamed Mind


i cannot think

my mind is poison

consuming me from the inside

he wanders off on its own and goes to places so far

places no man should think of

 travels thousands of miles in seconds

Only to come back with more questions about death, love, lust and life presumably .

 I can’t catch up

a tempest of sentiments wrapped up in a knot inside my head

a hex to make me nuts

my mind has two demons, dark and light

all in a rat race

and the final reward is a heartache

am a caricature of thoughts

my head is a dark place

darkness falls upon my mind

I have a mind that truly can’t be tamed.



The cross i bear on my shoulders,
I have designed it out of my own soul suffering

It presses hard on me
Like the beats of death, as I rage with pain down and broken to the floor, still I find ecstasy and ask for mo

Crucify me, nail me with my legs up(upside down)
The pain seems sweeter here
Let the world condemn my own sins,
All I need is to be pinned on the cross for all the shit I have done

Let someone later own, put me down
Peel off this pathetic sinful skin of mine
Leaving me dry bone,
This not to launch your hate on me, but show me how much u love me

Don’t pity me, be the reaper of death
The demon of fury
So I may lose blood of sin
Lust, pride, anger, guilt,

Taxi of drunks


Nobody wanted to get more fucked up than me. I got my dream job with an amazing organization.

When I got the gig — I knew I would be overworked and underpaid presumably  but neither of that to my despair, i just don’t really care. It was just the time when dad usually asked me whether i would make it with being alone, having a career and manning up one time.

It was a Friday, a great time to restore my settings back to the normal to that of intoxication and to satisfy and cover up for night of insomnia dreading the cold room. Maybe demons linger to give me company

 My words were slurred, i swayed uncontrollably exuberantly to the open road waiting for a taxi to  warrant  a smooth ride home.

A taxi pulled my way

The passenger who with me reeked of alcohol, overly friendly as she muddled how i am good looking . Her bag made the sound of bottles headlong against each other.

The driver was tailgating as closely followed the vehicle in front of us as his head drooped ebulliently speaking boorishly  lewdly to everyone.


Everyone had their stops. At every stop, I prayed that the air would carry us closer to the freedom of souls. I would release my fury to every drunk in the taxi and  would be cleansed from their sins

The driver would excuse himself to the bush as the looser replenish himself as he retched whatever cheap drink, local brew or kitoko he had.

I realized a drunk of a driver had taken longer routes as i skirmished on to my watch to check for the time.

Finally i reach home.

I callously doff as i survey my empty room. Damn to this headaches fatigue

Bed. Bed

“If getting drunk was how people forgot they were mortal, then hangovers were how they remembered.”

The goddess of my desire 


She is a gal, an angel to some, of celestial power and beauty to me
To some, she fell to this realm, to me she’s my darkest desire

Her beauty imprisons me like the chains of death

The gracious enraptured eyes,

The succulent lips, Ooh my,

enslave me with lust

She haunts me in my darkest dreams,

This is my reality, to some a dark fantasy

The voluptuous body,

Forces me to love from a distance..

This is my devil..

Possession of a demon that whispers in my ear,

As I make promises that no man can keep..

The Angel of mine…