what if i died today…


what if i died today, would i be easily be forgotten, will i die with my worst nightmares, my wildest of all dreams, regrets and shame no man should know, will my own demons follow me to the AFTERLIFE. Will i still be the same, living in my nostalgia.

we shall all die,

The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.” Mark Twain

A few months back, i had no idea that i was whatsapping my friend for the last time. He was all catchy and fast replying. He used to take even a day to reply my messages. He was acting a little weird, first, he had data the entire day which wasn’t him.

The next morning, i received a notification about his death. No one knows what killed him, no postmortem results, no one actually cared about the cause of his death, he was dead anyways. He died at 23.

Last week i lost another friend. He died  in a gym trying to make titillating masculinity making him to adorn death instead. He was 23

I am 23, i have lost 2 friends this year who are 23. I won’t mention the ones who are below or above. The list is endless

Those we love don’t go away, they walk besides us every single moment…. Unseen, unheard but always still near, still loved, still missed and very dear

if you died today, this is what my parents should think of, WILL LIFE STILL BE THE SAME AT HOME

I wonder who  will stand next to me and i see him/ her crying. Will some of my relatives send their regards? Will someone confess that “at least he’s in a better place than of this world?” Will the priest say the right words, not to be condemned to hell for my 1000 sins.
Will my mama keep on praying for me though am all parted? Will my friends still do the same things we used to do. Will bae move on and all my memory with her be lost in a gush of wind.

will i see heaven, the seven gates of gold. Is my house well prepared for me by my father in heaven. Or my childhood beliefs still stand.

I believe that we choose our lives. That we choose based on what lessons we failed to learn in the last life. We put ourselves in a better position in this life to learn those lessons. And this keeps going until we have evolved to something better than we were in the previous life

If i died today, do me one thing. Don not forget about me, you don’t know what life i will be living.



One thought on “what if i died today…

  1. It is good that you ponder your life that is just a vapor in time.. I realize not everyone believes the Christian faith.. but the Bible gives us peace in knowing where we go when we die.. it is all our own choosing.. May you find that peace while you are young.. 🙂

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