My dream gal

In the dead of the night, 

I dream of   beautiful lips ,  a sweet face

Small tender thighs smooth to my cheek

Causing leaps as my heart skips,

Taste of her succulent and hungry lips,

Oh my,

Smelling of the sweet aroma of arousal

Susurration of blasphemy to sex, sweetly escape her lip

As she, mischievously, strips

She’s a work of art,

Her perky honey-brown breasts I gently caress

With my cold eager fingertips,

Every girl would sell her soul to have such a beauty,

rhythmically we tempt our sexes,

The devil has no part in this,

The sins I commit are out Of conscent

Every single moan ,

Counts as we mingled

From our glistening bodies,

What a sensuous journey’s end

All am left with,

A fragrance a fleeting memory,

As she fades out of my dreams


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